Betabitter Rick


    Principal Cloud Architect

Rick is a Principal Cloud Architect with the Betabit Group. He has focused on Azure PaaS since the introduction of Microsoft Azure. Nowadays, Rick knows Azure like the back of his hand after many consultancy jobs and sharing blogs, tech videos, podcasts, training programmes, and presentations. Both for internal professional group evenings and during large international events. That has got him the title of Microsoft Azure MVP.

“During my Computer Sciences studies, I started working in the software development sector early in 1999. Throughout the years, I’ve worked as a developer, chief developer, team leader, project leader, and software architect. In recent years, I’ve expanded my architecture skills with a focus on Cloud Architecture, Microsoft Azure in particular. I was rewarded with the Microsoft Azure MVP Award in May 2019.

To put it simply, I just really like doing cool things in Azure. I write open-source code and am an international speaker. In addition to designing cloud systems, I try to write blogs about everything I come across now and then in the course of my work. Things like…”