Betabitter Srdjan


    Sales Manager Consultancy & Training
    Den Haag/Amsterdam

For many years, Srdjan combined school and study with basketball at a high level. In the end, he played in the premier league for 5 years, played in Spain for a year, and competed in several international tournaments with the Dutch national team. Following his studies in Strategic Management at Erasmus University, he started as a tester in 2013, in Betabit’s Young Professional Programme. And it wasn’t long before he went on to become product owner and test manager.  

“There was a good click right away at the first interview, a good match in terms of attitude. Betabit has a lot of smart and qualitatively sound employees. And we working for really great clients. I’ve personally been with 3 clients in a relatively short period where I’ve been able to move forward fast. If you perform well, the opportunities come of their own accord.”

In May 2017, Srdjan successfully took over the role of managing director at Nul Tien, our Serbian office in Belgrado. Less than a year later, in February 2018, Srdjan was promoted from managing director to Regional Manager for The Hague. Now, he is working as Sales Manager Consultancy & Training.