Azure DevOps vs. GitHub: Clash of the Titans

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Betatalks Live Sharing Your Gold With Azure Data Share Webinar April 24, 11AM (2) (1)

Since its 2018 acquisition of GitHub, Microsoft has been developing both Azure DevOps and GitHub quite extensively. This has raised some questions, like which of the platforms to choose when.

In this webinar we're diving into the past of Azure DevOps and GitHub, we will have a look at where they stand now and we're going to try and answer that one BIG question: where do I put my money code?


IT professionals and consultants, (lead) software developers and architects, software development managers, BI consultants, and architects.

The webinar is now available on demand

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Presenter - Oscar van Tol
Principle Cloud Architect, CTO Virtual Vaults

Presenter - Rick van den Bosch
Principle Cloud Architect, Microsoft MVP

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