Kicking off Serverless September: the present and future of Serverless

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Betatalks Live Sharing Your Gold With Azure Data Share Webinar April 24, 11AM (2) (1)

We're totally into Serverless September, which is sometimes described as a once in a year opportunity to keep talking about Serverless to our friends without feeling bad about it. But we never feel bad talking about Serverless since it might just be the future of Cloud Computing. And we love it!

In this edition of Betatalks live, Oscar and Rick will have a short look at what we already know about Serverless in Azure, address what's new, and get a glimpse of where it might be going.

If you're interested in Serverless in any way, shape, or form, you don't want to miss this Betatalks live!


Audience: IT professionals and consultants, (lead) software developers and architects, software development managers, BI consultants and architects.

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Presenter - Oscar van Tol
Principle Cloud Architect, CTO Virtual Vaults

Presenter - Rick van den Bosch
Principle Cloud Architect, Microsoft MVP

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