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'Venturing into the (Azure) Cloud'

In this new Betatalks live, Rick & Oscar will dive into the different scenarios of moving to Azure. This first in a series of three webinars that are especially interesting for Independent Software Vendors, will help you categorize which transition scenario most suits your situation.

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Venturing Into The (Azure) Cloud 7 Okt 20

'Kicking off Serverless September: the present and future of Serverless'

In the fifth Betatalks live Oscar and Rick have a short look at what we already know about Serverless in Azure, address what's new, and get a glimpse of where it might be going.

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Kicking Off Serverless September The Present And Future Of Serverless

'Virtual Vaults, born in the cloud – Key takeaways for your cloud journey'

In the fourth Betatalks live, Oscar and Rick discuss the main ingredients for a successful cloud journey with Virtual Vaults as a reference case, and especially for developing born-in-the-cloud applications.

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Betatalks Live; Virtual Vaults, Born In The Cloud (Webinar, July 1, 1.30 2.30)

'Azure DevOps vs. GitHub: Clash of the Titans'

In the third Betatalks live Oscar and Rick dive into Azure DevOps and GitHub. They discuss the past and present, and above all the important question: where do I put my code?

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Betatalks 3

'New world, new skills - Remote first with Visual Studio Codespaces and Live Share'

In the second Betatalks live, Rick and Oscar show you how to optimally use the power of Visual Studio Codespaces and Visual Studio Live Share.

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Betatalks Live Remote First With Visual Studio Codespaces And Live Share Webinar On Demand

'Sharing your gold with Azure Data Share'

Data is the new gold and exchanging data should be done in a simple and safe way. In this first webinar, they show how Azure Data Share can be useful, what it means and how it works.

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Betatalks Live Sharing Your Gold With Azure Data Share Webinar On Demand

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