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Blog Oscar

The state of the cloud: serverless

We are almost through the Serverless September month but we still got some great content for you. In this blog, Oscar dives into the state of the cloud. 

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Blog Rick

Power Automate

In this newest blog post we'll have a look at Power Automate. Because of the low code / no code nature of the service, it’s a great fit for citizen developers to automate (business) processes. It’s good to also look at these other types of services that expand the Serverless universe.

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Power Automate Serverless September

Betatalks #20 episode

Azure Static Web Apps: A preview

In this 20th episode of Betatalks, Oscar and Rick talk about Azure Static Web Apps. Static web hosting in Azure Storage has been around for a while, but this is new. A preview still. And it is highly dependent on GitHub. What do you need to know about this? How do you put it to use?

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Betatalks #20 Azure Static Web Apps A Preview

Blog Rick

Azure Static Web Apps: UPDATE

After the two previous posts 'Azure Static Web Apps: a first look' and 'Azure Static Web Apps: quirks & gotchas', Rick has an updated look at ASWA in this blog. 

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Azure Static Web Apps UPDATE Serverless September

Blog Rick

Azure Static Web Apps: quirks & gotchas

In this blog, Rick shares some quirks and gotchas that he has found after playing around with Azure Static Web Apps (ASWA). Of course, Static Web Apps are still in preview. Most of these are probably because of that fact. Despite that, it might still be interesting to know about them. 

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Blog Oscar

Azure App Configuration and Azure Functions

Azure App configuration is an amazing service. We were really happy to move our apis to App Configuration in combination with Azure Key Vault references, this meant that we centralized our configuration, removed duplication and pushed all the secrets to Azure Key Vault. Next to that, we have the benefit of all the other features that it's offering, like feature flags.

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Betatalks #19 episode

Cosmos DB Serverless: What's to come

In this 19th episode of Betatalks, Oscar and Rick discuss Cosmos DB Serverless. Cosmos DB Serverless means full consumption based billing. That's awesome, but it's not fully done yet, it is public preview at the moment. So, let's dive into it and see what's to come.

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Cosmos DB Betatalks #19

Blog Rick

Azure Static Web Apps: a first look

Although the two have a lot in common, even including parts of the name, there are a few very clear differences between Static website hosting in Azure Storage and Static Web Apps. We’ll have a look at what those differences are and take a first look at the most recent of the two: Static Web Apps.

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Betatalks #18 episode

SQL Database Serverless: Possibilities and benefits

In this 18th episode of Betatalks, Oscar and Rick discuss SQL Database Serverless. This Azure service gives you the power of a SQL Database, with the possibilities and benefits of running it in a Serverless way. How do you configure and use it? And what are those possibilities and benefits?

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Serverless September Betatalks #18

Blog Rick

Azure Functions: binding to a property

Rick also wrote a blogpost on Using Triggers & Bindings in Azure Functions. It handles quite a few nice possibilities of using triggers and bindings in Azure Functions. Fortunately, you learn something new every day. This short post is about Property Binding.

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Webinar recording

Kicking off Serverless September: the present and future of Serverless

In the fifth Betatalks live Oscar and Rick have a short look at what we already know about Serverless in Azure, address what's new, and get a glimpse of where it might be going.

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Serverless September 2020

Blog Rick

Using Triggers & Bindings in Azure Functions V2

There’s some pretty decent documentation on all the available Triggers & Bindings in Azure Functions. In this blog, Rick wanted to add to that documentation with some simple, real-world examples using triggers & bindings.

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Azure Functions

Blog Rick

Using (Table Storage) Bindings in Azure Functions

There is a lot to say about using Triggers & Bindings in Azure Functions. A lot! In this blog Rick zooms in on the very powerful Table Storage Bindings for Azure Functions.

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Blog Rick

Dynamic output bindings in Azure Functions

Is there a performance penalty when you add multiple Azure Blob storage bindings in an Azure Function? Or is the connection only established when you access one of those blobs? 

This post elaborates on the blogpost Using Triggers & Bindings in Azure Functions V2.

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Microsoft overview

More Serverless content!

Throughout September, new articles will be added to this collection created by Microsoft: "Serverless September is our once in a year opportunity to keep talking about Serverless to our friends without feeling bad about it. To make things more exciting, we get the entire month to tell the community how we are using Serverless."

Serverless collection

Serverless September Overview MSFT (Text Image)

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