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We develop custom software, business-critical systems, that make our customers successful. With over 10 years of Azure experience, more than 160 professionals in the Netherlands and 50 abroad, we are the market leader in software development, assessment and training in Microsoft Azure. We combine high-end Azure services with hands-on DevOps experience. From cloud native development to managed services, from software (security) assessments to tailor-made training programmes. Plus, we work from your region.

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Building Quality Software, Part 2

Jelle talks about achieving quality software and user satisfaction through DevOps! Explore the importance of performance, usability, and integrability in creating software that users will love. He will explain how DevOps drives collaboration, efficiency, and automation for a seamless software development cycle.



New Betatalks episode!

In this episode, Ramon & Wesley talk about writing clean, easy-to-read, and easy-to-write unit tests. They will show you what traditional unit tests look like and how combining the packages; XUnit, AutoFixture, Moq, and FluentAssertions will significantly improve your testing experience.



New Betatalks the podcast episode!

In this episode, we talk with Sander ten Brinke. He loves working with .NET, Azure, and DevOps and is passionate about HATEOAS. He will explain what HATEOAS is and how it helps evolve server functionalities. He works on a lot of different development platforms and we also look back on him becoming an MVP. He loves to share knowledge via speaking, meetups, and blogging.


New blog

Azure Blob tags: Working with numbers

Joey tells us more about Azure Blob tags: working with numbers. If you have been struggling to find Azure Blobs using numeric Blob tags, and still experiencing invalid query errors or unexpected search results then read this blog to find the solution.


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