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We develop custom software, business-critical systems, that make our customers successful. With over 10 years of Azure experience, more than 160 professionals in the Netherlands and 50 abroad, we are the market leader in software development, assessment and training in Microsoft Azure. We combine high-end Azure services with hands-on DevOps experience. From cloud native development to managed services, from software (security) assessments to tailor-made training programmes. Plus, we work from your region.

Interested in AI and Azure? Discover the tangible benefits for your business. The answers you need, within two half-days, with our AI approach.

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New Betatalks episode!

Joey and Jelle discuss the crucial role of testers in software development, emphasizing collaboration with developers. They validate software based on client requirements, write test cases, and stress the importance of mutual understanding for efficient development.



New Betatalks the podcast episode!

In this episode, we talk with Pete Gallagher. We discuss the evolution of IoT technology and Microsoft's approach. We explore the shift towards integrating IoT capabilities into broader data platforms like Azure, IoT, Grid, and Azure Arc while highlighting underutilized platforms like Event Grid.



Betawit 2024 - After movie

What a great time we had and how much we laughed! We are still enjoying Betawit 2024 with our beautiful after movie! It was a great ski trip with good snow! Great skiing and snowboarding and in the evening the apr├Ęs-ski was also back in style. Take a look at the after movie!


Case Rotterdam Harbour Holding

A proprietary AI application within a month

A more efficient, productive and effective process that delivers immediate results, thanks to a proprietary AI application that analyzes photos and text, links data to databases and makes decisions that would normally require human intervention.



A new application landscape for customized funeral care.

The new landscape has created a modern, stable IT environment that supports DELA's commercial strategy and enables new initiatives. "We want to offer members and next of kin more opportunities to shape and organize a funeral themselves in our online environment," says Nick.


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