Betabitter Jelle


    Principal AI Cloud Architect & BetaKids trainer

Jelle is a great example of Betabit's talent pool. Betabit helped him transition from a developmental psychologist to a software developer, and by now, Jelle has accumulated a decade of experience in the field. Jelle is involved in AI, cloud computing, and process improvement as a developer, architect, and scrum master. Knowledge sharing, both within and outside Betabit, is highly important to him. He actively communicates through blogs and vlogs, and he also conducts workshops and knowledge sessions. Jelle is proactive, takes the lead, works creatively and efficiently, and communicates clearly.

"Through Betabit, I've had the privilege of assisting many clients in numerous ways, from writing code, to conducting analyses, to providing advice. I always follow the principles of ethical software development: software should not only be of high quality but also secure, compliant with governance and regulations, maintainable, and conscious of its impact on both business and the outside world. I believe that there is a suitable software solution for every problem, as long as you first thoroughly discuss what the problem entails."