18 years of partnership

Betabit Microsoft

Years of dedication and focus

To perform, you need to focus. That's why we are fully committed to Microsoft technology. Over ten years ago, in 2008, we were the first in the Netherlands to make a firm and strategic choice for the Microsoft Azure platform, because the software we build is business-critical and requires robust suppliers with a proven track record.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We were the first Dutch partner to develop applications on the Azure Platform. Our long-standing commitment to the Azure Cloud makes us the market leader in our field.

In addition, we are a Gold Partner in the field of Cloud Platform, Application Development, Application Integration, DevOps, Data Analytics, and Data Platform. With Microsoft, we develop specific solutions that we actively market together.

In addition, we are also a Microsoft Learning Partner thanks to our training offer.

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

    Cloud Platform

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

    Application Development

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

    Application Integration

  • Microsoft Gold Partner


  • Microsoft Gold Partner

    Data Analytics

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

    Data Platform

Investing in Microsoft partners

Microsoft works closely with partner companies that develop product software on the Azure platform because the success of that partner is also the success of Microsoft. Microsoft partners of this type have very specific wishes and stumbling blocks when it comes to software development. We resolve such stumbling blocks, and we don't do it by halve. We prove this every day and even invest in companies that dare to go as far as we do.

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