Betabitter Johan


    Sales Manager Consultancy & Training
    Rotterdam HQ

Johan studied Business Studies at Nijenrode Business University in Breukelen. After graduating, he worked in various positions at such companies as Interpolis and as a marketing manager for a number of large vehicle leasing firms. He got to know Betabit when he was working as an independent commercial trainer and came to give various training sessions to the regional managers and management. He became Training Manager at Betabit in mid-2019.

“In the time I was giving training sessions to the Betabit team, I got to know the organisation well. The sense of belonging, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the high quality particularly appealed to me. So, I didn’t take long to decide when I saw a vacancy for Training Manager. And now it’s great to be a part of this wonderful company.”

Johan can be reached on +31 (0)6 81427320