Marco van Os


    Director of YieldDD

Marco has been with Betabit since 2011 and has been with YieldDD since 2019. Before he joined Betabit he was, among other things, Manager Business Analysis and Requirements at Rabobank Nederland Groep ICT and Competence Manager at LogicaCMG (now CGI). In 2011, Marco joined Betabit and, as Regional Manager, became responsible for the Utrecht region and expanded the team into the solid pillar it is today. As of May 1, 2019, Marco is Managing Director of YieldDD Software Due Diligence, a Betabit venture.

“We take a thorough look under the hood and bridge the gaps between M&A specialists, C-suite and technology. With all the strength and expertise of Betabit backing me, this is the greatest place to work. Let’s go!”