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13. A journey into Microsoft Identity, Managed Identities and Azure Active Directory – with Christos Matskas

We talk with Christos Matskas about working with Microsoft Identity. We discuss the challenges surrounding Microsoft Identity, for instance, how do you get into Identity and Access Management running your application in the cloud? And how they’re doing their best to improve the onboarding experience and implementation, which can be rough. While also trying to reach out and inform the developer community and next generations. Furthermore, we dive into Managed Identities, its biggest benefits and how you can even use it to authenticate API’s. And we talk about Azure Active Directory, the misconceptions surrounding it, and aspects like automating Azure AD provisioning. 

About this episode: you can find @christosmatskas on Twitter and learn all about Microsoft Identity via The 425 Show and its videos, blogs, Twitch streams and Discord.

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