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17. UI/UX mistakes, misconceptions and best practices. And what about voice UI? - with Jessica Engström

Our friend of the day is Jessica Engström. We dive into User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), the area of expertise she is passionate about, and where she really shines. We talk about bad UI/UX, common mistakes and examples, and the effect it has on users. Causing annoyance – often even rage-quitting – when encountering basic elements that should’ve worked in the first place. We zoom in on the mindset of the responsible developers and what they should strive for. And how does she herself define UI and UX? She shares quick fixes, practical tips, and best practices for optimizing UI/UX. We dive into voice UI, bots like Siri and Alexa, and their language and translation issues. Furthermore, we hear more about the origin and motivation behind the Coding After Work podcast and Twitch channel.

About this episode, and Jessica in particular: you can find @engstromjess on Twitter and her podcast Coding after work.

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