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25. An in-depth exploration of .NET MAUI - with Maddy Montaquila

In this episode, we go into an in-depth exploration of .NET MAUI with none other than Maddy Montaquila. As the release is getting closer, she shares more about .NET MAUI and how the evolution from Xamarin Forms has been. She ignites us with excitement about all the new features her team has been working on and shares how the whole process has been so far. How was it to disconnect from the release cycle at some point? And how did the Live Preview feature come about? We touch upon Blazor Hybrid and how it's like working with the Blazor team. Is there a general idea for the future that everything is targeted towards running on .NET MAUI? Furthermore, she shares with us what the migration towards using .NET MAUI will look like.

About this episode, and Maddy in particular: you can find @maddymontaquila on Twitter, @maddymontaquila on GitHub, or take a look at the .NET Community Standup.

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