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26. Innovation in technology and Azure services, and its effect on novel businesses - with John Lunn

In this episode, we chat with John Lunn. We talk about his passion for his work and how he's able to be so actively involved and do so much for this community.  But which service would he like to spend more time on? We zoom in on the ever-expanding set of Azure services and the extent to which you need to thoroughly understand most of them. There's always a 'next big thing'.  We talk about what this means for innovative businesses. And how John tries to help these companies by leveraging the right new features and components of the cloud. Furthermore, we touch upon his insane working-from-home setup and his wishlist full of gadgets.  And what is an unpopular opinion he holds? 

About this episode, and John in particular: you can find @jonnychipz on Twitter or read his blog.

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