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27. Managed languages, 'the bang bang operator' & System.CommandLine - with Kathleen Dollard

As a member of the .NET Core CLI and Languages team at Microsoft, we interview her about everything that has to do with Managed Languages. What are the roots and strengths of Visual Basic, C#, and F#? And what do they keep in mind when making adjustments within these languages?  We talk about what’s coming in C# 11 and the thorough planning processes before implementing new features.  Zooming in on the discussion surrounding the double exclamation mark,  also known as 'the bang bang operator’. Furthermore, we dive into System.CommandLine and CLI's; what's coming, happening and discussed? And if she could learn one skill instantly, what would it be? 

About this episode, and Kathleen in particular: you can find @KathleenDollard on Twitter and you can find the C# feature status page here

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