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30. Oh My Posh, Windows Phone & building an open culture - with Jan de Dobbeleer

Our friend in this episode is Jan de Dobbeleer, a Microsoft MVP, GitKraken Ambassador and creator of Oh My Posh.  We talk about how Oh My Posh - the prompt theming engine for PowerShell and beyond - started and became so popular. What are some of the daily challenges he faces? And how did he end up here after being a watchmaker, Android phone hacker and Windows Phone developer? Furthermore, we stress the importance of building an open culture; pushing open source, contributing and having a holistic mindset. And we end up venting about the Windows Phone, reminiscing over its great features and how it was ahead of its time.

About this episode, and Jan in particular: you can find @jandedobbeleer on Twitter or check out his prompt theme engine for any shell: Oh My Posh

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