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33. Creating and using Twilio's products and integrations as a .NET developer - with Niels Swimberghe

In this episode, we speak with Niels Swimberghe, a Belgian-American software engineer and content creator at Twilio. Of course, we want to know what Twilio is all about, known for, and why people should use it. How do they help developers build stuff with Twilio? Always striving to create the best experience for customers, getting feedback, and sharing as much technical content as possible. We talk about the developer products, the features, and the integrations Twilio provides, its connection to Azure, and its distinction from Azure Communication Services. In particular, we dive into Twilio Voice combined with Twilio Phone Numbers; what can you do with the APIs? And we look back at the tremendous developments in telephony and its technical achievements. Furthermore, we share our experience and love for Visual Studio Code and JetBrains Rider.

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