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36. The .NET ecosystem, learning journey & Tech Twitter and its do's and don'ts - with Lou Creemers

In this episode, we speak with Louëlla (Lou) Creemers. She is a web developer with a love for .NET. We talk about the tech content she creates and how she tries to bring value to the tech community through social media and by being a speaker. As a relative newcomer to Tech Twitter, how welcoming is the tech community, especially for women? Further, we discuss what the .NET ecosystem currently has to offer, if anything is missing, and if there is something she would like to change. And, we dive a little deeper into her learning journey to become the next generation web developer and how this could help other students inspire and achieve their goals.

About this episode, and Lou Creemers in particular: you can find @lovelacecoding on Twitter or check out her website and definitely read her blogpost Do's and don'ts with Twitter DM's.

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