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37. Programming with F#, the SAFE Stack initiative & Azure Container Apps - with Isaac Abraham

In this episode, we speak with Isaac Abraham. He is the founder of Compositional IT and author of the books 'Get Programming with F#' and 'F# in Action'. We talk about programming with F# and how it compares to C#. What are their differences and similarities? We discuss why F# is not yet a widely used language.  What made Isaac push through all the difficulties when getting to know F#? What advantages did he enjoy? What made it productive and rewarding? And how does it work with Unit Testing? We also share experiences about working with and switching between different languages, for example from F# to C#, or C# to Typescript. And, he elaborates on the SAFE Stack initiative - Saturn Azure Fable Elmish - and the benefits of working with it. Furthermore, we talk about the value of functional programming and Azure Container Apps - the service Isaac is most excited about.

About this episode, and Isaac Abraham in particular: you can find @isaac_abraham on Twitter, check out his website and find his very interesting books here 'Get programming with F#' and 'F# in Action'.

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