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4. The promise of Blazor and the benefits of sharing source code - with Jeff Fritz

We talk with Jeff Fritz who is focused on educating the Microsoft tech community. We dive into the promising features of Blazor and a hybrid approach. How Blazor as a progressive web application is a really powerful idea, building faster and more efficient applications that work everywhere. We talk about the positive change in openness and transparency at Microsoft. Sharing source code and previews, creating more and more content. And how this led to a lot of positive outcomes – pull requests, bug reports, and feedback from the community – but how do you handle negativity and trolls? Furthermore, we talk about .NET Conf, virtual events, appreciating viewers, doing better for the next generation and where did the rainbow beard come from?

About this episode, and Jeff in particular: you can find @csharpfritz on Twitter, watch him code live on Twitch, or visit his website There you will find more content about his KlipTok project, an enterprise scale Blazor application.

More info on Blazor: check out Build client web apps with C# and Blazor Tutorial- Build your first Blazor app.

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