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46. Building robotics & Azure IoT - with Maria-Anastasia Moustaka

In this episode, we talk to Maria-Anastasia Moustaka, a software engineer and robotics trainer and mentor. She is a Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Microsoft IoT MVP and has won many international robotics competitions with her robotics club ULP. We dive into what her first steps were with IoT and robotics, which started when she saw that her university had a robotics team. She bought her own robotics kit, practiced building robotics for a year, and gained knowledge about Arduino before joining the team. And we talk about robotics competitions, their requirements, and challenges. She explains that the languages she used in these competitions were mostly C++ and Java, but now she prefers .NET. Furthermore, we talk about her being a Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, a community for students who want to learn all about Microsoft technologies. She gives presentations and she does Twitch live streams in which she tries to inspire and motivate students to learn more about tech, development, and robotics. As a robotics teacher, she loves to help kids and also women and girls to do more in this tech (robotics) field.

About this episode, and Maria-Anastasia in particular: you can find @mariamou_7 on Twitter & GitHub. Check out her 'All about Azure IoT' presentation she gave as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. And, visit her website where you can read her blogs about IoT.

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