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49. Using Azure Container Apps, KEDA, Infrastructure as Code and ARM - with Eduard Keilholz

Eduard is a Cloud Solution Architect and a Microsoft Azure MVP, who focuses mainly on C# and Azure, and has a strong affinity for Angular. We talk about how to become a Microsoft MVP and the importance of intrinsic motivation to share knowledge. We discuss how people are afraid to fail, but you should never fear failure; whatever knowledge you share there is always someone for whom it is valuable. Next, we talk about a demo and polling app he uses in his talks, and how he created it using microservices and Azure Container Apps. Container Apps is a new service that sits in the middle between Container Instances on one hand and Azure Kubernetes Service on the other. Eduard explains why he believes that this service is really amazing. And we dive more into KEDA, Kubernetes, and Event-Driven Autoscaling. Furthermore, we discuss Infrastructure as Code. A topic Eduard has even written a book on. He believes that if you say you are doing DevOps but not Infrastructure as Code, you are not truly doing DevOps. We talk about the many options you have to do Infrastructure as Code. In his book, he focuses on everything concerning ARM, Azure Resource Manager, and its features, usage, and benefits. And we conclude with some advice about Bicep.

About this episode, and Eduard Keilholz in particularyou can find @ed_dotnet on Twitter & GitHub. Check out his blogs on his website. And, you can find his book: Infrastructure as code here on GitHub or order the book here.

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