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51. Minimal web API’s and API Management & learning by teaching - with Jonah Andersson

In this episode, we talk to Jonah Andersson. She is a Filipina, Swedish full stack .NET software engineer, a Microsoft Azure MVP and certified trainer, the founder of Azure User Group Sweden, and an advocate for gender equality in the tech industry. We dive into minimal web API’s in .NET, what they actually do, the benefits of using them and some use cases. For example, when combining them with Azure API Management. And the difference from a full blown MVC project. We discuss how she became a public speaker, got involved with the Extend Women in Tech Podcast and even became the co-host. And what it is like to be a mentor, a role model, and how she became one. We talk about the fast-paced (digital) world, being present in the moment, and taking time for yourself. Jonah loves taking time to write and even wrote the book "Learning Microsoft Azure". She explains why she wrote it, who should read it, and how the writing process went. How she learned to write neutrally, which is not as easy as you might think, and how this also applies to public speaking.

About this episode, and Jonah Andersson in particular: you can find Jonah on Twitter at @cjkodare & GitHub. You can read all her interesting blogs on her website. Find out more about the book Learning Microsoft Azure. And, listen to her in the Extend Women in Tech podcast.

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