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53. The simplification of deep technical knowledge & the benefits and drawbacks of ChatGPT - with Joe Carlyle

In this episode, we talk with Joe Carlyle, a Microsoft MVP and head of Azure at eir evo in Dublin. He has a passion for creating Azure content, from blogs and new feature commentaries to deployment guides and troubleshooting help. We discuss the key role of communication for developers, especially in roles that need to bring customers and tech together. The simplification of deep technical knowledge, explaining a complex solution in a way that will get business case buy-in, is essential. Your ability to communicate nearly outweighs your technical capabilities, because it doesn't matter how good you are in terms of implementation or design, if you can't explain yourself, it doesn’t help anyone. And we dive into the fact that sharing your knowledge, at conferences or online, helps you simplify deep technical knowledge. Because you show extra diligence about putting all the right details there to help someone, and yourself. Furthermore, we talk about GitHub Copilot and especially ChatGPT, how it’s being used (and tricked), its use cases, its limits, and how it's able to take multiple queries, put them together, and give you an answer that can be quite comprehensive and beneficial. Is it inspiring and an advancement, or does it threaten your ability to retain information because you lose the experience of writing code? We conclude with a discussion about Azure PaaS, networking, VMS and serverless. He really likes Azure networking, because everyone is involved in one way or another. And how it is impossible to be an expert in all areas; jack of all trades, master of none.

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