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54. Cloud native and the Container landscape on Azure - with Daniel Paulus

In this episode, we talk with Daniel Paulus. He is a serial conference organizer and meetup runner, a principal consultant at Bryte Blue, a Microsoft Azure focused consultancy company, and a Microsoft Azure MVP. He is helping companies succeed with Cloud Native technologies and DevOps practices. We talk about Bryte Blue, what it is, and what he does there. We dive into his love for Containers and where his interest in containers came from. He once started as an engineer at a firm using mainly Apple. After that, he worked at a consultancy where he worked with Red Hat and Open Source Linux. Here he came in contact with virtualization and sandboxed applications, in the pre-container time. After that, Docker came around and he saw the landscape shift. He also saw Microsoft investing in Open Source and moving to embracing Linux and containers. From the beginning, he was on top of the Container technology. We talk about his thoughts on the adoption of AKS by consumers and Windows Containers. He also tells his story about his burnout and what he did to overcome it. The advice he got was to go out into nature and be active. That is what helped him. And, he still makes sure that he is walking outside every morning and evening. Being surrounded by technology is good, but always take good care of yourself and go out. 

About this episode, and Daniel Paulus in particular: you can find Daniel on Twitter at @PaulusTM & GitHub. And, visit his website and read all his interesting blogs. Or, visit his meetups Go Azure and AKS Meetup

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