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56. Building using Azure PaaS - Bram de Buyser

In this episode, we talk with Bram de Buyser, he is a freelance technical architect and developer, primarily in data engineering and scalable platforms. Bram talks about his adventures building, how do you start a Twitter alternative? We talk about the key features of Drabble and concepts like how to design a timeline for the user. Bram explains how Azure PaaS services are helping him to build a seriously scalable architecture on a starter budget and how not having to invest upfront keeps options open to redesign when needed. We also talk about the influence of AI and Large Language Models and where Bram expects this to be most useful for a social network.

About this episode, and Bram de Buyser in particular: you can find Bram on Twitter at @chton GitHub. Visit his website and also take a look at his which is now in public preview.

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