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57. Decoupling clients & APIs with HATEOAS - with Sander ten Brinke

In this episode, we talk with Sander ten Brinke. He is a Lead Software Engineer at Arcady and Microsoft MVP for the Developer Technologies Category. He loves working with .NET, Azure, and DevOps and is passionate about HATEOAS. HATEOAS is an acronym for Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State and Sander will explain what it does and how it works. We also discuss how he started with HATEOAS and how it helps evolve server functionalities. Sander works on a lot of different development platforms like web and cloud, but also mobile and game development. We also look back on him becoming an MVP in December 2022. He loves to share knowledge via speaking, meetups, and blogging.

About this episode, and Sander ten Brinke in particular: you can find Sander on Twitter at @sandertenbrinke GitHub. Visit his website and read all his interesting blogs. Here you can also find the links to the library of Risk First.HATEOAS, the Arcady IT GitHub repository.

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