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58. Accidental successful open source while being a consultant and managing different technologies - Jimmy Bogard

In this episode, we talk with Jimmy Bogard. Jimmy is the creator and maintainer of the popular OSS libraries AutoMapper and MediatR. He has received the MVP award every year since 2009.  We talk about AutoMapper and why he created it. It has hundreds of millions of downloads and it is almost scary how many people depend on it. He never imagined that it would grow so big. In his day job as an independent software consultant, he builds custom software for his clients. We talk about how migrating towards a new technology isn’t necessarily an easy path. We discuss how modernization projects can be influenced by governance and forces outside a team.  We also dive into Azure PaaS and compare this to scaling on prem.  Next to that how the cloud opens the door to infrastructure that you wouldn't have the ability to maintain yourself. Last but not least, some "it depends" and beer!

About this episode, and Jimmy Bogard in particular: you can find Jimmy on Twitter at @jbogard GitHub. Visit his website and read all his interesting blogs and also one about MediatR 12.0 released. Here you can also find the library of AutoMapper.

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