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59. Enterprise Cloud Adoption and the AI Hype Cycle - with Eric Berg

In this episode, we talk with Eric Berg. He works as Vice President Consulting Expert and Global Alliance Manager for Microsoft at CGI, and he is a member of the Microsoft Community. He regularly writes blogs and produces the GeekSprech podcast and GeekSchau webcast. Eric also runs the Azure Thüringen Meetup and is a well-known speaker at conferences. Besides that, he is also a LinkedIn Learning trainer. His motto is: "The community lives from the community, and only those who join in keep it alive!" We will dive into his motto and why he thinks it is so important to be an active member of the community. We talk about how he started blogging and when he realized that he could really make an impact. We also discuss his role as a Vice President Consulting Expert. We also touch on the new buzzword AI. The most common question today, according to Eric, is whether OpenAI on Azure or any other AI service will be available in your region. Everybody is talking about AI, and that's the thing with the AI Hype Cycle. How good is it actually going to be, and in what ways will it develop? We also delve into ChatGPT and how AI works with that and other tools. We also compare  the AI Hype Cycle to Cloud Adoption.

About this episode, and Eric Berg in particular: you can find Eric on Twitter at @ericberg_de GitHub. Visit his website and read all his interesting blogs and more. And here you can find a direct link to his podcast GeekSprech on Spotify and his GeekSchau on Youtube.

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