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60. How security is everywhere & the balance between legislation and innovation - with Scott Helme

In this episode, we talk with Scott Helme, a Security Researcher, Entrepreneur, and International Speaker. He's the creator of Report URI and Security Headers and delivers world-renowned training on hacking and encryption. We talk about how his Nissan Leaf was an eye-opener in how systems could be hacked by someone on the other side of the world. In the automotive industry, they are connecting things, via the internet, that have never been connected before. We discuss what would be the next big wave of access and privacy issues. We discuss what role legislation should have regarding security. Technology improves and evolves faster than governments can legislate. There is a risk that legislation might accidentally stifle innovation. This is a tricky balance. We also talk about his work on Security Headers and Report URI. And, we talk a bit about his love for cars. He is a huge car geek.

About this episode, and Scott Helme in particular: you can find Scott on Twitter at @Scott_Helme GitHub. Visit his website and read all his interesting blogs, trainings, and where he is speaking.

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