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61. Beyond the code: Exploring the world of software due diligence - with Ferenc Németh

In this episode, we talk with Ferenc Németh, a senior consulting architect at YieldDD Software Due Diligence. With his decades of experience, he helps companies make the right strategic choices by performing software due diligence, software assessments, and security assessments. We talk about how to correctly assess software quality and provide consulting services. Ferenc tells all about how YieldDD goes beyond automated tools and provides insight and interpretation, allowing clients to fully understand all aspects of the software and eliminate unnecessary risks. Their services are sought after in mergers, acquisitions, and cloud transitions. He emphasizes the importance of considering the broader context when evaluating software. We also dive into the importance of conducting security assessments and testing data quality, as well as security and AI considerations in software development. We discuss the benefits of Open Source software. Ferenc encourages companies to consider making non-critical parts of their software Open Source to improve quality. Balancing technical and business demands is discussed to achieve better code and software. And, we touch upon the role of AI tools in coding.

About this episode, and Ferenc Németh in particular: you can find Ferenc on LinkedIn and visit the website of YieldDD and find out even more about Software Due Diligence.

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