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63. The Future of Security Controls, CSPM tools and securing AI - with Sarah Young

In this episode, we talk with Sarah Young. She is a Senior Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft, holds numerous industry qualifications, and has co-authored a few Microsoft Press technical books. She won the Security Champion award at the Australian Women in Security Awards and is a co-host of the Microsoft Azure Security Podcast. We discuss the changing face of security and how it has evolved from being an afterthought to being integrated throughout the development lifecycle. Traditional perimeter-based security approaches are no longer effective in today's cloud and distributed environments. Instead, identity-based security and zero-trust models are becoming more prevalent. We also talk about how security needs to be easy and frictionless for developers in order to be effective. Simply telling developers to implement security controls is not enough - the secure option must also be the easy option. We talk about the trends in cloud security posture management tools and securing AI that can help automate routine security tasks. Overall, the key takeaway is that while security principles remain the same, the approach needs to shift to be integrated, automated, and frictionless in order to be adopted by developers.

About this episode, and Sarah Young in particular: you can find Sarah on Twitter @_sarahyo & LinkedIn. Check out her podcast 'The Azure Security Podcast' and if you want to know more about Sarah and her books go to her website

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