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64. Tech Talk Times: Discussing technology, techniques and career - with Daniel Marbach

In this episode, we talk with Daniel Marbach. He is a Software Engineer at Particular Software, makers of NServiceBus, and a Microsoft MVP for Integration. He can bend minds and spoons with asynchronous programming and has contributed to many open-source projects. We talk about Daniel's background and career path, with a focus on his extensive open-source contributions. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and understanding technologies at multiple levels. He also stresses finding the right balance between hands-on work and higher-level responsibilities. Daniel shares his process for thoroughly researching codebases to solve problems. We also discuss Daniel's self-imposed router hack. And we explore the value of knowledge sharing and learning from unsuccessful career moves. Emphasizing skills like self-reflection, getting outside perspectives, and prioritizing mental well-being.

About this episode, and Daniel Marbach in particular: you can find Daniel on Twitter @danielmarbach & Github. Check out his website - – Your source of geek knowledge - for all his interesting blogs and more.

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