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65. Mastering Azure Operations: The importance of Infrastructure as Code - with Wesley Haakman

In this episode, we talk with Wesley Haakman. He is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Lead Azure Architect at Intercept, transitioned from managing Linux environments to mastering the Microsoft platform since Windows 2003. His passion for Microsoft Azure led to a journey of sharing insights with peers, customers, and partners, designing cloud solutions, participating in preview programs, and delivering workshops and technical sessions. We discuss Wesley's career journey working with Microsoft Azure over many years. We talk about how Azure has evolved tremendously from the early days. Wesley emphasizes the importance of infrastructure as code and having the operational mindset to properly manage cloud environments. We also explore his passion for public speaking and how he overcame nerves to enjoy sharing his knowledge. Additionally, Wesley predicts that artificial intelligence capabilities on Azure, especially through services like Open AI, will drive major changes in the coming years for how organizations adopt and leverage AI. Overall, the podcast provides insights into Azure developments and operations best practices from Wesley's perspective as a longtime expert in the cloud space.

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