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66. Developing critical thinking skills and choosing different technologies - with Laïla Bougriâ

In this episode, we talk with Laïla Bougriâ. She is a software engineer and solution architect with over 15 years of experience in the .NET space. She's a Microsoft Azure MVP and a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. Laïla is busy building NServiceBus at Particular Software and solving distributed riddles. When she's not immersed in code, Laïla enjoys indulging in her favorite pastime - knitting! We discuss critical thinking skills and how they can be developed and applied in software development projects. We talk about the importance of collaboration and getting different perspectives from team members with varied backgrounds and experiences. We also discuss the challenges of choosing appropriate technologies for projects and keeping teams up to date with new tools and languages. Laïla shares her experiences with public speaking and how mentors helped her get started.

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