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67. Beyond "If Statements": A Developer's Perspective on AI - with Willem Meints

In this episode, we talk with Willem Meints. He is a software architect who has been working with AI for 10 years. He is the author of the book "Deep learning with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Quick Start Guide". With his background in electronics and software engineering, he brings a unique view on how companies can use machine learning with a keen eye for DevOps and continuous delivery that's often overlooked in this field. We discuss where AI is currently at in its development, with Willem saying it is becoming a teenager. We talk about how companies can get started with AI by doing small proof of concepts instead of large projects. Ensuring AI use cases are linked to business goals is important. The challenges of machine learning operations and explainable AI are also covered. Overall, the discussion focuses on practical applications of AI and how developers can start using it as another tool in their toolbox.

About this episode, and Willem Meints in particular: you can find Willem on Twitter @willem_meints & GitHub. Read all his interesting blogs on 'Willem's Fizzy Logic' and find his book here.

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