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68. Cloud Evolution: Insights on Azure's Past, Present and Future - with Magnus Mårtensson

In this episode, we talk with Magnus Mårtensson. He is an entrepreneur, an MVP for Azure since the start of the cloud, and a Microsoft Regional Director. He is a consultant, architect, and product development lead, and he runs his own company Lofty Soft. As an international speaker, his passions include connecting with audiences and organizing conferences. We discuss Magnus' background working with Azure for many years and running community events like Global Azure. We talk about the early days of Azure and how it has evolved significantly over 15 years. We also dive into challenges large companies face in optimizing their cloud usage and developing a culture of automation. We touch on Magnus' consulting company Lofty Soft and how he helps customers optimize their cloud usage. We also cover the importance of physical wellness for those in sedentary jobs, and how Magnus uses a fitness tracker and activities like gardening and cooking to stay active.

About this episode, and Magnus Mårtensson in particular: you can find Magnus on Twitter @noopman GitHub. Read all his interesting blogs on his website. And, don't forget to check out his company website Lofty Soft.

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