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70. The future of global Azure: Sharing knowledge and growing the community - with Rik Hepworth

In this episode, we talk with Rik Hepworth. He is a Chief Consulting Officer at Black Marble. That means his days are spent herding cats as he manages developers and consultants. He is proud to have been awarded Microsoft MVP in Azure since 2014 and he's been a Microsoft Regional Director since 2020. Passionate about community, Rik helps organise two community dev conferences in the UK and is a member of the central organising team for global Azure. We discuss the history and evolution of global Azure from an event focused on introducing people to Azure to one focused more on sharing knowledge and best practices. We talk about the challenges of running in-person events post-pandemic, like higher no-show rates and difficulties finding venues. We discuss the various ways people can get involved with global Azure, including organizing local events, speaking, attending, or sponsoring. The goal is to bring the Azure community together from around the world over three days to learn and share ideas.

About this episode, and Rik Hepworth in particular: you can find @rikhepworth on X and GitHub. Check out his website and read his blogs.

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