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73. Inside the mind of a hacker: Learning to think like your adversaries - with Gerben van de Wiel

In this episode, we talk with Gerben van de Wiel. He is a Principal Cloud Security Architect at Betabit, specializing in bolstering security through meticulous pen testing and detailed software assessments at YieldDD.  Gerben's proficiency is not just limited to assessments; he is also adept at creating and conducting security-focused training programs to elevate the readiness to counteract cyber threats. They discuss Gerben's work in security assessments and training programs. They talk about how the cybersecurity landscape has changed over time, with more professional attackers and widespread ransomware attacks. Gerben describes the different types of security testing they perform such as white box testing using source code. They discuss challenges such as keeping up with new vulnerabilities and tools as the field changes rapidly.

About this episode, and Gerben van de Wiel in particular: you can find Gerben on GitHub and LinkedIn. Also, check out his many Betatalks videos in which he discusses even more security and development.

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