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74. AI's impact, potential, and pitfalls: Insights from a cloud visionary - with Sakari Nahi

In this episode, we talk with Sakari Nahi. He is responsible for the vision, brand, and quality of his company Zure. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and an Azure MVP. He has over twenty years of experience creating custom software and ten years of experience with Azure. He is the founder of the Finland Azure user group and a co-host at the Finnish podcast Ikkunastudio. They talk about the early days of Azure and public clouds, the evolution of services like Cosmos DB, and AI capabilities on Azure. Sakari shares some of his favorite features in Azure over the years. They also talk about the potential of AI and how it can help with productivity but may not replace developers' jobs.

About this episode, and Sakari Nahi in particular: you can find Sakari on @sakarinahi on X and LinkedIn. Also, check out his podcast Ikkunastudio, and the website of his company Zure.

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