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75. Cracking the code: A deep dive into data layer optimization - with Shay Rojansky

In this episode, we talk with Shay Rojansky. He is a Microsoft principal software engineer working on .NET data access and a performance member of the Entity Framework team. And he's a lead developer of Npgsql, the open source .NET data provider for PostgreSQL. We discuss various topics related to data and performance in .NET, such as the evolution of Entity Framework, debates on abstraction usage, database performance optimization, and breakthrough changes in software development. We share stories about improving performance for specific customer scenarios and benchmarking. Overall, we focus on gaining a full-stack understanding of software, using instrumentation to identify optimization opportunities, and emphasizing simple and accessible features over complexity.

About this episode, and Shay Rojansky in particular: you can find Shay on @shayrojansky on X and GitHub. Also, check out his website where you can read all his very interesting blogs.

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