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78. Demystifying AI: A real-world look at Copilot's capabilities and limitations in Power Platform - with Yannick Reekmans

In this episode, we talk with Yannick Reekmans. He is a managing partner and Microsoft cloud solution architect at Qubix. We talk about Microsoft Power Platform and AI. We discuss various topics, including the challenges of using Copilot due to data security and privacy concerns, limitations of security tools in Power Platform, embracing constructive criticism in software development, and differences in introversion and social energy levels. We also discuss the potential impact of generative AI on low-code development and the importance of control and quality when using AI-powered copilots.

About this episode, and Yannick Reekmans in particular: you can find Yannick on X @yannickreekmans or LinkedIn. You can also read all his interesting blog posts on his website.

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