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82. The constant evolution of IoT: How services and strategies are changing - with Pete Gallagher

In this episode, we talk with Pete Gallagher, a full stack manager at Avanade and an Azure and IoT MVP. We discuss the evolution of IoT technology and Microsoft's approach. As IoT has matured, the focus has shifted from standalone hype to integrating these capabilities into broader data platforms. We explore how services like Azure, IoT, Grid, and Azure Arc are now preferred over past favorites like IoT Hub, while ensuring existing investments remain supported. We also highlight the underutilized Event Grid platform and share experiences building scalable solutions leveraging Azure's full suite of services. Additionally, we dive into creative hands-on projects that combine hardware, code, and cloud skills, encouraging listeners to pursue diverse interests in fun IoT endeavors, including areas like robotics and automation.

About this episode, and Pete Gallagher in particular: you can find Pete on X @pete_codes and GitHub. You can also look at his website to read all his interesting blogs, courses, and more.

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