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85. From PHP to Azure: Navigating shifting tech landscapes - with Sander Molenkamp

In this episode, we talk with Sander Molenkamp, a principal cloud architect with over 20 years of experience. We discuss how Microsoft technologies like .NET have shaped his career journey. Sander shares details about his current role managing consultants and hosting community events. We dive into the challenges of predicting event attendance and mitigating high no-show rates. The conversation also touches on Sander's past adventure game projects. He explains how he rebuilt the engine in Blazor and has made the source code available online. We explore opportunities to reuse old code when exploring new technologies like AI. Additional topics include his experiences with different programming languages and tools over the years, and we debate preferences for Mac, Windows, or Linux environments.

About this episode, and Sander Molenkamp in particular: you can find Sander on X @amolenk and GitHub. Watch his videos on his YouTube channel dotnetFlix. Check out bitbash and get your tickets, and a big shout out to Dutch Garrison.

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