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86. Power Platform, Blazor and beyond: Maintaining internal apps - with Sophie van den Akker

In this episode, we talk with Sophie van den Akker, an IT engineering specialist at van Lanschot Kempen Bank. She shares her experience initially using the Power Platform but hitting limitations that prompted a rebuild in .NET. This sparks a discussion about when low-code or full-code is more suitable. Sophie details her work maintaining various apps across technologies and balancing stakeholder needs. We explore processes for decision-making, such as attending conferences to validate assumptions and learn best practices. Sophie emphasizes starting with data and considering factors like security when choosing tools. We dive into perspectives on challenges in rebuilding applications and strategies for technology selection and professional growth.

About this episode, and Sophie van den Akker in particular: you can find Sophie on LinkedIn or visit her website to read all her interesting blogs and learn more about her.

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