Shining a light on Microsoft Clarity

Betatalks #68

In this Betatalks episode, Gerben and Jelle talk about Microsoft Clarity. If you're looking for a free, low-maintenance, and easy-to-install analytics tool that will be expanded upon in the future, Clarity is a great new product for you. It’s a web analytics tool that can be used to view and query user behavior. Clarity can be integrated with that other big analytics tool, Google Analytics, but it is also very powerful on its own. As the owner or developer of a website, you may find yourself asking questions like: how do we know what we are doing is correct? How do we make sure that the visitors to our website are doing what we want them to do? Are our customers happy with our website? Do they know how to use this new feature? By setting up Clarity, all these questions will be answered. With one Clarity account, you can manage multiple projects and invite as many collaborators as you need. Jelle and Gerben show how easy it is to install Clarity: just a small script. They'll also demonstrate how to configure Clarity to be GDPR compliant, and which benefits you may lose due to the GDPR rules.

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