Parallelism and Azure Batch

Betatalks #74

In this Betatalks episode, Jelle follows up on Betatalks #73, where Gerben and he achieved parallelism using Durable Functions. This time, he introduces Azure Batch, which is a great Azure service for parallelism problems of a more complex scale. Jelle shows you how to get Azure Batch to work as a developer, as it has more overhead than a Durable Function. Then, Jelle discusses the potential bottlenecks and the different ways you can set up a task that needs to run in parallel. He takes a look at the differences between a batch account, a batch pool, and batch nodes and the different ways to set them up. He also shows the different configuration options. Finally, with Azure Batch, there is a need to examine costs; Jelle talks about a few ways to save yourself from unnecessary spending. The code base is, of course, available to download; see the link below.

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