An introduction to Azure Maps

Betatalks #75

In this Betatalks episode, Oscar & Rick talk about Azure Maps. This is a mapping service offered by Microsoft. Azure Maps offers various services including maps, geolocation, traffic, imagery, and much, much more. They talk about the costs and how there are various tiers based on the number of requests. Rick and Oscar also provide a demo of how to use the search API in Azure Maps, and how it allows users to search for an address using a postal code and house number. They also explain the process of making a request, which involves adding the client ID, API key, and subscription key to the headers of the request. Next to this, they show you that small typos do not break the service: they get filtered out based on the score the service provides. The service is incredibly rich which might be a 'problem' with a lot of Azure services. There is just so much available!

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