Required modifier in C# 11

Betatalks #83

In this Betatalks episode, Oscar & Erwin talk about the exciting new feature introduced in C# 11: required modifiers. They delve into the importance of nullable context checking and how required modifiers in C# 11 can greatly assist in addressing potential issues. They highlight the historical challenges of enabling nullable annotations and the consequences of nullability in code. With required modifiers, you can now easily identify and handle null reference problems during coding, ensuring cleaner and more reliable code. The video also includes a demo that showcases the usage of required modifiers in a practical scenario, shedding light on their effectiveness. So, if you're eager to enhance your C# coding practices and minimize nullability issues, join Oscar and Erwin as they explore the power of required modifiers. Get ready to optimize your codebase and embrace this valuable addition to the C# language.

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